Creative Web3 Experience Europe ( CWXP), Kontentwerk GmbH gefördert der Europäischen Union
Stirche, CI Kontentwerk GmbH

Creative Web3 Experience Europe (CWXP) is a groundbreaking initiative led by gigmit (DE) in collaboration with Plus Render (ES) and Kontentwerk. CWXP aims to transform Europe’s Audiovisual and Cultural sectors within Web3.

We are creating an open metaverse for artists, providing advanced tools, and nurturing a widespread European digital audience. Our innovative tests pave the way for co-creation and boosting income via digital shows and NFTs.

Our insights aim to invigorate Europe’s cultural ecosystem, championing a vibrant creator economy in the digital era.

CWXP – Project Core Activities
  • Metaverse Cultural Space: CWXP will develop Europe’s first open cultural space in a metaverse where artists can host digital events, such as live music, audiovisual exhibitions and film screenings, all with a high level of audience interaction.
  • NFT Creation and Exchange: CWXP will enable creators to create and monetize unique audiovisual works, using the metaverse cultural space to exhibit and sell their NFTs. Artists can offer exclusive music, film or experimental content, alongside their performances.
  • Blockchain for Creatives: CWXP will assist creators to set up blockchain-based transactions to earn and track revenue in the metaverse. They can sell tickets and digital content, split the revenue across multiple contributors and rights-holders, and track ongoing use and revenue.

MetaMovieNights is an innovative initiative within the CWXP project, aimed at reshaping the film screening experience in the metaverse.
Our mission is to create an open, dynamic space within the metaverse that hosts film screenings, premiere events, festivals and more.
We empower film makers and content owners to showcase their films, experiment with new business models, and monetize their content on creations.


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Stirche, CI Kontentwerk GmbH

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